Welcome to Oxford


This PTA-hosted website has info for incoming families, the staff & rooms roster, and class lists, plus dateslogistics, and governance news for our current Oxford community of about 300 K–5th grade students, staff, families and friends. And we have all the details on how to donate, shop & give, and volunteer to support and fund Oxford!

Shakedown After the Disco Inferno Auction

Oxford community, you all ROCK!  It was terrific seeing so many of you out on the dance floor, laughing with new and old friends, eating, drinking and having great time. Everyone looked incredible decked out in their ’70’s gear, wow. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it such a fun and successful night and to everyone who bid and contributed to the Direct Asks. Your generosity with your time, money or both is a real gift to our school and all of our kids.

Our goal was to make $30,000 … drummmmrollllllll … and we grossed $47,000! After expenses (food, venue, software) we made about $45,000 for Oxford to fund the programs our kids need—art, music, classroom aides, PE, technology, etc. Right On, and huge thanks to all of you who made this happen.

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Get the School Directory

Now available here: see the Classes & Directory page to download a full school directory.

Get the Toolbox

For your downloading pleasure, here are Toolbox PDFs: an overview, description of the tools, and the gestures the children are learning.

Board of Education Office Hours

Members of the Board of Education are holding office hours as part of their efforts to make themselves available to the community. This is an opportunity for parents, students, teachers, staff and community members to have one-on-one communications with the Board.

Office hours and locations are available on the BUSD website.