Toolbox Curriculum

toolboxAll BUSD elementary schools practice a social-emotional learning curriculum called the Toolbox. Years of research in the field of childhood resiliency and social-emotional learning have taught us that emotional and behavioral regulation skills can be explicitly taught in schools, and that the benefits are huge.

The Toolbox curriculum gives students (and adults) “tools” to help us become effective learners, friends, community members, and citizens. For example, the first “tool” is the breathing tool. The idea is to teach students to use their tools when faced with challenging situations or to help them through life.

More info—Toolbox PDFs:

What is TOOLBOX™? – 1:45
from Toolbox by Dovetail Learning on Vimeo

An Introduction to TOOLBOX™ (2015)–6-44-HD.mp4
from Toolbox by Dovetail Learning on Vimeo