Daily Routine


Bell Schedule

Please be aware that the before-school time is sacred for teachers who are preparing for the day, so most cannot receive parent drop ins. Read more here about communication with staff.  

Classes Start:

8:00 am. Students are met on the upper yard (or in the cafeteria if it’s raining) by their teachers and walked to class.

[ Read more about late arrivals, absences and other school policies. ]


All students are served a free breakfast. 


Recess is held in the cafeteria on rainy days.
K & 1st: 9:15–9:30 and 10:50–11:20 am
2nd & 3rd: 9:35–9:50 and 11:20–11:40 am
4th & 5th: 10:00–10:15 and 11:40 am–noon


After second recess, students go to the cafeteria to eat. More about meals below.
K & 1st: 11:20–11:40 am
2nd & 3rd: 11:40 am–noon
4th & 5th: noon–12:20 pm


K: 1:20 pm daily
1st–5th: 2:10 pm—except Wed 1:20 pm

Afternoon Transportation

District Bus:

After dismissal, teachers will walk students who take the bus down through the bus stop at the Addison Street gate. One-day bus passes for special circumstances (your child goes home with a designated friend, for example) are available in the Oxford office and must be completed and signed by a parent. A late bus drops students enrolled in Oxford’s After School Program at either Rosa Parks Elementary or Longfellow Middle School.

In-Person Pick Up:

Children being picked up by loved ones or outside after school programs will meet at Addison street entrace (Kindergarten – 2nd grade) and Curtis Street gate (3rd grade-5th grate). Students may not wait in front of the school on University Street. There is no after-school yard supervision for children not enrolled in the After School Program on site at Oxford.

If you are later than 2:20 to pick up your child, you will find him or her in the office.

On-Site After School Program

After School Program Ends:

Students enrolled in the Berkeley LEARNS After School Program at Oxford may stay until 6:00 pm.

After School Closures:

Note: the program does not operate during school holidays nor during the first week of school (which is a partial week).

Late Bus:

A late bus drops students off at either Rosa Parks Elementary or Longfellow Middle School, but service must be granted specifically after enrollment in Oxford’s After School Program.


All students receive the annual Elementary School Menu calendar in the mail, featuring the breakfast and lunch menus for the year and information about BUSD Nutrition Services—go to the Links page to get to this year’s calendar online. Please refer to the calendar for menu specifics, or go to the BUSD Nutrition Services web page for further info.

Universal Breakfast:

Oxford Elementary now serves Universal Breakfast free to all students, every day. These breakfasts include a healthy entree, fresh fruit or fruit juice, and milk. Some classes have their breakfasts first thing in the morning, and other classes have it as a snack just before morning recess. The Universal Breakfast program was started in 2005 as a pilot program at LeConte Elementary School. Since then it has spread to other Berkeley Public Schools, and now all schools have Universal Breakfast. It is funded through a federal grant and state reimbursements, and aims to provide students with healthy food in the morning (within federal and state regulations).


Students may bring their own lunch. Every day our students are offered a hot bagged lunch served in outdoor grade level groups. BUSD Nutrition Services takes great care in providing high quality, nutritious lunches for our students.  All meals are free to all Berkeley USD students for school year 21/22 without a meal application. Read More About Free Lunch Here

Candy, soda and gum are not allowed at school.

Green Waste

Oxford has green waste bins and recycling set up in the cafeteria so that students can separate their trash and food waste when they are finished eating. Students learn how to separate their trash and can volunteer to help with recycling. By “going green” we aim to reduce the amount of cafeteria waste that once ended up in landfills.  You can help too – when sending lunch from home, strive for a zero-waste lunch with reusable, recyclable, or compost degradable packaging.