Join the PTA

Unase Hoy. PTA: Conectando Familias y EscuelasIf I Join the Oxford PTA, Then What?

By joining the Parent Teacher Association, with its dues of $10 per year (you can donate additional $10 to sponsor another family subsidized membership), you’re contributing to the money we’re raising for the school. Most proceeds go directly to the PTA budget for Oxford’s enrichment programs, and a smaller portion goes to the regional and national PTA organizations to pay for insurance and to keep our membership in good standing.

No Obligations Beyond Annual Dues

But there’s no set list of tasks you have to commit to. There’s no compulsory time you have to spend volunteering. As a PTA member (or as an Oxford community member), you will choose when and if to volunteer and what you want to volunteer for.

In other words, joining the PTA does not tie you to more responsibilities; it makes you part of the community that helps raise money for our children’s learning.

Membership has its Perks!

All parents are welcome at all PTA events, regardless of membership. However, PTA membership does have some benefits, including the right to vote on PTA motions on where money raised should go within Oxford.

Cal Academy of Sciences logoPTA members also benefit from many consumer and educational discounts through both the state and national PTAs, on everything from office supplies to smartphone monitoring to the California Academy of Science.

How to Join

To become a member, please submit the following to the Oxford office:

  1. A check for $5 – $20 per person (pay what you can afford), made out to “Oxford PTA”
  2. The following information via a completed PTA membership form or other means:
    • Name of member(s)
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Name(s) and grade(s) of Oxford student(s)
    • Events you want to help with, special talents

You will receive a membership card and a thank you letter. The PTA membership year is October 1 through September 31.

PTA Involvement at the City and County Levels

If you’re interested in getting training as a PTA leader, the Berkeley PTA Council and Peralta District PTA also need volunteer support. If you’re interested in being trained up as a PTA leader, the Peralta District PTA has what you’re looking for.