Mock Newbery, Reading Workshop, MLK Fest +

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Throughout the winter, we have school tours for prospective Oxford families. We have great tour guides who lead the families around the school, sharing information and answering questions. At the end of each tour, I meet with the prospective parents/guardians to have an informal Q&A. It’s always interesting because I’m asked things like “How is Oxford different than other BUSD schools?”  Or “What are some of the great things happening here?” And also, “What are some of the challenges?” Every year it makes me reflect on what we are doing at Oxford, where we want to go, and what else we need to do to continue to meet the needs of our students.

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New Year, MLK, Sunshine, and Pretty Art

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faces artWelcome back and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a happy, healthy, safe holiday break. It was so good to have some time for rest and relaxation. I’m looking forward to the second half of the school year and 2017.

The upcoming presidential Inauguration may be a challenging event for many. I encourage us all to be sensitive and respectful of everyone’s beliefs as the new president begins his term. I want to remind all of us how strong the Oxford community is and how we need to embrace and welcome our differences; it’s part of what makes Oxford a strong community for our students!

Here’s to a great 2017!
~ Principal Beth Rhine

Announcing Oxford’s Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Fest

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Book Fair’s Goal Unmet: Donate by 10/29

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Our Teachers’ Book Fair Requests Were Not Fulfilled This Year!

Book Fair 2016This year only 5 books were donated to the library at the book fair, and some of our wonderful teachers only received 3 books! There are an additional 130 books needed to fulfill the donation goal of one book per child per class.

For some of our families, buying books is not financially possible, and so it is up to those who can to do a bit more.

Donate now to buy more books for Oxford at our Pay It 2 pageThe deadline is October 29 at midnight. And remember, Oxford gets 15% of the sales back as a donation too, so your money is working extra hard.

The books that we are donating will go home with our kids to be read. This is the most direct way to encourage reading in our school. The quality of the reading material has a direct effect on the interest level of our kids. If they have no new books in their classes and libraries, or none that speak to their interests, then they will not be as enthusiastic about reading.

Every child goes to the school library every week and is searching for their “just right” reading level and content. Your gift will bring needed books to our classrooms and library!

The Oxford summer checklist

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Dear Oxford Families,

I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by.  It’s been a good year, with a lot of great things happening at Oxford.  I’ve shared lists of some events or activities at the “Coffee with the Principal” mornings. Here are some highlights:  Literacy Night, Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Fest, another fabulous Emmy Orth celebration, Parent Ed Nights put on by the PTA, Middle School Information Night, organized games at recesses, beginning implementation of the Toolbox program, teacher peer-observations, Girls On the Run program, an up-to-date cool school website, a 3rd chromebook cart, Lawrence Hall of Science Festivals, and a traffic supervisor on Oxford Street.  There are many more wonderful things happening at Oxford and we hope to continue and to grow in 2015-2016.

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Open House, Summer Slides, and Art Supplies

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electric slide

Open House tonight! (psst: there will be ice cream)

Open House is tonight, Thursday, May 21, 6:00-7:15pm. Please join us that evening to celebrate our children’s accomplishments. We invite families to visit classrooms and admire all the work our children have done this year. In addition, Ms. Muller’s 4th graders are holding their annual Ice Cream Social in the cafeteria. After you look at your child’s classroom work, stop by the cafeteria and celebrate with an ice cream sundae or a baked treat. Prices are low, and all profits buy new books for the Oxford library!

You + Framed art = More art supplies

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Literacy Night 11/13 + Lawrence Hall Visits 11/14

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Family Literacy Night, Thursday 11/13

Join us at Oxford Family Literacy Night, Thursday, November 13 at 5:30 pm. During the 1st hour, you will work with  students on fun reading and writing activities. At 6:30, we will move to the cafeteria for a pizza dinner!

K/1 students will be reading with their families and doing a fun craft, 2/3 grade students will play word games with their families, and 4/5 students will work with their family to create a book review using Google Presentations. We want to see everyone.

Lawrence Hall of Science Festival, Friday 11/14

We are very fortunate to have a generous donor who has sponsored the Lawrence Hall of Science to return to Oxford this year! They are bringing the Wizard’s Lab to our school on Friday, November 14.

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New Column: Literacy Corner

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book stackAs Literacy Coach at Oxford, it is my pleasure to begin sharing information with families via The Oxford News to help your child’s experience reading at home. This week, I want to discuss reading level. We determine reading level by 3 traits: accuracy (ability to read a word or sound out), fluency (the speed and flow of their voice when they read out loud) and comprehension (the ability to understand what they read). If all of these characteristics work together when reading a passage, that is the child’s independent level. Level is important because it helps us to provide instruction and independent reading in a book that is “just right” for the child.

If your child has already reached the end of the next grade level in his/her reading, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should just keep going up in level. We also want students to “read wide.” Reading wide means reading a variety of books from different genres, as well as reading a mix of fiction and nonfiction. In school and at home, they will have the opportunity to read many books at their just-right level, but it’s also important to expose them to higher-level books, perhaps by reading aloud to them from a more challenging book at bedtime. We must remember that the most important thing is your child’s love of reading and engagement with books.

Read the full article on the Literacy Corner page.

-Lauren Brollier

“Paws to Read” on Tuesdays at BPL North

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The best way to become a better reader is to read.

The North Branch at Berkeley Public Library has a “Paws to Read” program where children can read out loud to a trained therapy dog. This can be a great opportunity to practice reading to Man’s (and Woman’s!) Best Friend.

This special program will be happening on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30-4:30 between 9/23–10/28/2014, and 11/18–12/16/2014 at the North Branch, 1170 The Alameda (at Hopkins). You may sign up ahead, or drop in. There are two sessions, one at 3:30 pm and the other at 4:00 pm. Bring a book with you, or choose one here.

Call 510-981-6250 for more information or to make a reservation to read to a furry friend! Wheelchair accessible. To request a sign language interpreter, real-time captioning, materials in large print or Braille, or other accommodations, please call 510-981-6195 or 510-5448-1240 TTY three days before the program.

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend.” —Groucho Marx

– Karen Sasamoto, Oxford Librarian

Updates from the Principal

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o-to-the-x-f-o-r-d elementary

From The Oxford News

We had a great first week of school! Thanks to everyone who made that possible, staff and families. There are many important announcements in this newsletter, so I’ll keep it brief. One request, please write your child’s name in his/her clothes and belongings. With your help, hopefully we can keep the Lost & Found from overflowing this year. Thank you!

Staffing Updates

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