34 in One Class? Board Mtg 12/10!

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Please join us at the BUSD School Board meeting on 12/10/14 at 7:30 (2020 Bonar Street) to stop overcrowding at Oxford!

Parent organizers are asking the BUSD School Board to take specific steps to prevent further overcrowding at our school. We are requesting that they:

  1. Bring only two Kinder classes next year (instead of 3)
  2. Establish three 4th grade classes (current plan is for 2 classes of 32-34 students each!)
  3. Retain Room 9 for students with special needs.

They have heard our appeal, but we need strong representation at the upcoming Board Meeting. If you can, arrive by 7:15 to help fill the speaker box with Oxford names. This does not obligate you to speak (you can give your time to someone else). Please come and stand for Oxford!

Overcrowding: Update on Parent Efforts

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Dear Oxford Community, November 17, 2014

In an effort to alleviate the stress overcrowding is putting on Oxford, both currently and in future years, a group of Oxford parents have reached out to the school district to advocate that we are able to keep our class sizes at appropriate BSEP levels, and to ensure that future years do not balloon to class sizes which we are currently experiencing our “balloon” grades. Below is an update for parents to more fully understand the efforts we’ve made. We have also included our communication with the Superintendent on this matter.

Here is a quick summary of what has been done to advocate Oxford so far:

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Wed 11/5: School Bd Overcrowding Session

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The School Board and BUSD are currently eliciting suggestions from the community about the best ways to address overcrowding in the elementary schools. Suggestions can be sent to the superintendent, Donald Evans, at ; you can also cc Josh Daniels, School Board Chair, at They hope to “put everything on the table,” and they are looking for both short-term (for next year) and long-term solutions.

On Wednesday, November 5th, the Board will hold a special session to present and discuss the various possible solutions. They are hoping for community feedback before that meeting, so they can choose strategies as quickly as possible after the meeting.

Some background:

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MX PTA: 10/8 Board Mtg on Overcrowding

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Hello fellow PTAers,

I know some of you from past interactions about schools issues.  For those of you I have not yet met, my name is Joshua Room. I am the former PTA Co-President at Malcolm X, and in my “emeritus” role I have become actively involved in the school crowding issue (on behalf of Malcolm X). You may have seen my op-ed on this issue on Berkeleyside on the first day of school.

In any event, members of the MX community continue to engage in dialogue with members of the School Board, the Superintendent, the PTA Council, and others, about the demographic “surge” that has so crowded Berkeley schools, including MX. We fully recognize that MX is not alone in feeling this way, and would like to coordinate as much as possible with other schools.

To that end, I want to be sure all of you are aware that the October 8 School Board meeting (7:30 pm at 2020 Bonar Streetwill be the first of a series of meetings the Board is planning to have on assessing the crowding issue and making some sort of plan, first for the expected (further) increase in enrollment expected next year, and then for the longer term. We (MX) are planning to have a presence there, and would love to coordinate with everyone. Continue reading “MX PTA: 10/8 Board Mtg on Overcrowding” »