Late but Good News from Oxford

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assembly - MLK bannerWe had a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Fest last week. The students did such an amazing job sharing poems, speeches and powerful words related to the messages of MLK and other leaders, including themselves! I want to thank participants and their families for supporting their participation.

Another great Oxford event is coming up: the Emmy Orth Strong Women of the World Celebration. Flyers were sent home a few weeks back; an email version was also sent out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your child’s teacher or me. Projects are due 2/28/17. They will be displayed for one to two weeks on tables in the hallway and on the walls for everyone to enjoy. The big celebration will be at Community Meeting on Friday, March 24. Everyone is welcome to join the celebration!

And my special request to all of you: if you aren’t already planning on doing so, please consider coming to the Oxford Auction event on Saturday, March 18. You can dress up ‘80’s style or just come as you are. You can bid on things or just come and meet a few people and hang out with other Oxford parents. Don’t know anyone? Well, you know me and there will be staff there, too. It would be great to have everyone there and to have that chance to hang out and visit. Please?

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Help the Holiday Meal Project Happen on 12/16

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Oxford is a Welcoming School posterHoliday food baskets for ~20 Oxford families

It’s that time again! The annual Oxford Holiday Meal Project provides festive, fresh, and nutritious food for as many as 20 Oxford families who might otherwise not enjoy a nice holiday dinner. Each year we provide each family with a basket filled with a Safeway or Berkeley Bowl gift card and various food items donated by local merchants.

This is where your family comes in! Last year, we raised over $2,000. This year our fundraising goal is $2,500. There are two ways to help; we hope you will consider doing both:

1. Donate! There are two ways:

  • Paypal: Go to the Donate page and click on the yellow Donate button. Please note in the space provided that you are donating to the Holiday Meal Project.
  • Send a monetary donation to school: There will be an envelope in this Thursday’s folder, or you may drop it off in the donation box located in the front office. If you are paying by check, please make it out to “Oxford PTA” and note that the donation is for the Holiday Meal Project.

2. Get Cooking!

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Shop & Give This Weekend: Books + Yogurt

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Mrs. Dalloway’s Literary & Garden Arts, 11/11–11/13

Mrs. Dalloway's

Mrs. Dalloway’s will donate 20% of all Oxford community purchases bought in store and online Friday November 11/11 through Sunday 11/13. This is a great opportunity to stock up on holiday gift items such as children’s books, cookbooks, gardening books, merchandise, art and gift certificates for teachers, family, and friends.

Please turn in receipts at the office no later than November 18.

Menchies Frozen Yogurt, 11/12 & 11/13

Menchie's Frozen YogurtBring in our fundraising flyer on paper or smartphone into Menchie’s at 1862 Euclid Avenue, and they will donate 20% of your purchase to Oxford. In addition, if anyone from your group buys or pre-orders a cake for a special occasion Menchie’s will donate $5.00 toward Oxford.

We can distribute or email/text the offer to as many people as we want but just remember, we can not pass out flyers within 100 yards from the shop. The owner says we may pass them out at the North Gate of Campus (Euclid and Hearst) on the south side of Hearst.

“A way forward & a channel for worries” + more

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love rainbowMs. Anna, Oxford’s art teacher, told me that in today’s art class in Room 26 that she and Ms. Foster “asked the class to make symbols that could show a way forward and give an outlet for all their worries.”

I want to share the pictures with you here. And acknowledge the talented teachers and staff we have at Oxford. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ Annie Burke, newsletter editor, Oxford Facebook photo post maker, and mom to Alex and Benny

From the Principal

We had a great Halloween last week, with lots of exciting costumes and a fun parade. It was great to see so many families at the parade, too. I think it’s one of my favorite school events because so many parents/guardians come to Oxford to help with the celebration!

Speaking of visiting the school, the purpose of the shortened school days was to provide time for teachers to meet with parents/guardians. If you weren’t able to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher, I encourage you to set up that appointment. The home-school connection is critical for your child’s academic growth.

And finally, at this time of year, flu and sickness begin to impact our community. If your child is sick, please keep them home until they are feeling better. The general guidelines are 24 hours of no vomiting and no fever for 24 hours before returning to school. Please keep in mind that we have medically-fragile students at Oxford and a flu or cold can hit them hard. Encourage your child to wash their hands regularly, as well as to not touch their face (eyes, nose, mouth). If your child is absent, it’s best if you call and leave a message the day of the absence, as early as possible. Continue reading ““A way forward & a channel for worries” + more” »

Book Fair’s Goal Unmet: Donate by 10/29

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Our Teachers’ Book Fair Requests Were Not Fulfilled This Year!

Book Fair 2016This year only 5 books were donated to the library at the book fair, and some of our wonderful teachers only received 3 books! There are an additional 130 books needed to fulfill the donation goal of one book per child per class.

For some of our families, buying books is not financially possible, and so it is up to those who can to do a bit more.

Donate now to buy more books for Oxford at our Pay It 2 pageThe deadline is October 29 at midnight. And remember, Oxford gets 15% of the sales back as a donation too, so your money is working extra hard.

The books that we are donating will go home with our kids to be read. This is the most direct way to encourage reading in our school. The quality of the reading material has a direct effect on the interest level of our kids. If they have no new books in their classes and libraries, or none that speak to their interests, then they will not be as enthusiastic about reading.

Every child goes to the school library every week and is searching for their “just right” reading level and content. Your gift will bring needed books to our classrooms and library!

Donate Toys as Harvest Fair Prizes!

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It is the wonderful Oxford tradition to hand out gently used toys as prizes for completing all of the great activities at the Harvest Fair this Sunday. What a great, green way to pass along any toys your kids have outgrown!

Please bring gently used toys to the office—there is a bin there awaiting your treasures.

~Room 26 parents (Ms. Foster’s 4th grade class)

The Week+ in Shop & Give, Bake Sales

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Three quick notes for this week and next:

1) Offer valid till Wednesday October 19: Earn money whilst dressing our kids/grandkids/nephews and nieces with (use the code SDF16OXFORD to get 15% off Tea brand clothing and another 15% donation to our school). You can also shop at Kid Dynamo at 2108 Vine Street. You must mention Oxford before paying; see the Shop & Give page for full details.

2) P1070380Please bring your favorite baked goods to sell at the Harvest Fair on Sunday October 23. Room 10 will set up a stall in the upper yard and they need a lot of of sweet (and savoury, if you like!) stuff to sell. Cookies, muffins, cupcakes, tarts, madeleines, éclairs, meringues, panellets, cannoli, truffles, biscuits, mini pies, brownies, flapjacks, churros… whatever you fancy, bring it! And if you’ve got no time to bake, no worries, feel free to stop by at the supermarket and get a tray of Halloween treats. All sales go to the PTA fund (i.e. our kids).

3) Dine out and earn for Oxford! On October 24, next Monday evening between 5:00 and 9:00 pm, Farm Burger Berkeley (1313 Ninth Street) will donate a percentage of all sales to Oxford (no special code to mention). Feel free to spread the word to friends beyond Oxford!

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Cards, Dice & Dominoes Needed for Math

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diceI am teaching an after school math class, and I was hoping some people might have cards, dice or dominoes that they could donate to the class. I would like to teach the kids how to play some games and then send them home with the materials that they will need to play them at home. Please drop any donations off in the Oxford Library. 

~Robin Harley, Technology Teacher

Room parents, candy and lice–oh my!

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Teachers posterboard including Obama!The first two weeks of school have gone very well. Routines are in place, we’ve been reviewing school expectations, classrooms are busy, and we have already practiced using our “tools” from the Toolbox program. We are off to a great start! I want to thank those who were able to make it out for Back-to-School Night last week. We had a pretty good turnout, and hopefully it was informative for everyone. If you weren’t able to be there, reach out to your child’s teacher (if you haven’t already heard from them) and check in. The home-school connection is critical for student success at school.

After this week, the Oxford News school bulletin will be sent out every other week. If there is timely information to share, we will use the Oxford email list, a robo-call, or send out a special edition of the newsletter. Be sure to check out the Oxford website for information, and if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to get this newsletter via email and for the email list! (Links are on the website’s sidebar.)

If you haven’t already, please turn in the forms that were sent home in the Thursday folder. They have information that is important for us to have on file at school. And in case you missed my many messages about the school lunch form, please make sure to turn that one in, too, or you can do it on-line at If you do it online, no need to submit the paper form too.

Thanks for all your support!

~ Beth Rhine

From the PTA Co-Presidents

Dear Oxfordians,

We hope you enjoyed Back-to-School Night last week and meeting your child’s teacher and all the other parents in your group. It’s important for one (or more—the responsibility can be shared, of course!) person(s) to volunteer as this year’s room parent(s), to be a bridge between your class and your teacher, the PTA and the rest of the community. The room parent’s tasks are simple and straightforward and do not involve much time. Feel free to ask us or any returning parents questions about this job.

medical symbolWe have heard of lice cases at other BUSD elementary schools, and we would like to ask you to check your kid’s hair regularly in the hope we can avoid an infestation at Oxford. Last year we also used Lice Control on Shattuck Avenue to have all the pupils checked after a successful lice invasion at school (successful for the lice’s part—for the parents it was a nightmare, and for the PTA, an unexpected expense). Yes, it is hard to find the little creatures hiding in the hair; one has to sit down, make the child cooperate (easier said than done) and spend time going through their hair. No, it is not a joyful task, but by checking regularly we can identify the invaders at an early stage and save our budget for the things that matter. Local pharmacies and drugstores have preventive shampoos and lice-treatment kits. And if in dire need, Lice Control also offers lice removal services. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Feeling itchy yet?

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