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Calendar Items & Classroom Concerns

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From The Oxford News:

Dear Oxford Families,

At last week’s PTA meeting, we had wonderful presentations by Anna Rainer, our art teacher, Robin Harley, our computer teacher/coach, and Jarrett Sanders, our P.E. teacher. It was very informative to hear what is happening in our “enrichment” classes. If you are interested in hearing more, consider attending a future PTA meeting. I will also see if we can ask them to share some information about their programs on the Oxford website.

On a separate note, I want to encourage parents/guardians that if they have concerns about the classroom, to reach out to the classroom teacher and ask him/her. Continue reading “Calendar Items & Classroom Concerns” »

Noches de Educación para Padres del Proyecto de Herramientas: 9/24, 10/15, 11/19

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toolboxBerkeley Unified va a tener tres noches de educación del proyecto de herramientas para los padres en 9/24, 10/15 y 11/19. Este evento es para recibir mas información del currículo de aprendizaje de herramientas sociales y emocionales que se esta enseñando en la escuela, cuales son las “herramientas” y como trabajan e ideas como se pueden utilizar estas herramientas en el ser padre. Las herramientas son simples, pero no son fáciles. Requieren practica, practica y mas practica. Los invitamos a apoyar su hijo/a en su aprendizaje, en practicar estas herramientas en casa y en hablar con sus hijos/as de lo que están aprendiendo en la escuela. También los invitamos a pensar como usted puede utilizar estas herramientas para hacer ser padre mas fácil.

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Toolbox Parent Education Nights: 9/24, 10/15, 11/19

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toolboxBerkeley Unified will be holding three “Toolbox Parent Education Nights” on 9/24, 10/15 and 11/19. At this event, you will receive more information about the Social-Emotional Learning curriculum being taught at school, the “Tools” and how they work, and tips on how to use them in parenting. The Tools are simple, but they are not easy. They require practice, practice, and more practice. We invite you to support your child in learning and practicing these Tools at home and talking with them about what they are learning about the Tools in school. You might also think about how you could use the Tools to make parenting easier.

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Meet Author Andrea Davis Pinkney on 9/19

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Author Andrea Davis Pinkney

BUSD Invites Families to Meet Andrea Davis Pinkney

  • When: Friday 9/19 from 7:00–8:30 pm
  • Where: Berkeley Unified School District Board Room, 2020 Bonar Street
  • Who: All Berkeley families

Sponsored by the Office of Family Engagement and Equity, the Black Parents Affinity Group, BUSD Library Department. Download poster.

For more information, contact BUSD Library Services at (510) 644-4895 or library.berkeleyschools.net.