BALSA Talk: Advanced Learners & BUSD

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Berkeley Advanced Learner Support and Advocacy Community (BALSA), an inclusive, diverse grassroots organization founded by parents partly in response to changes BUSD’s Gifted & Talented Education (GATE) policy, has a regular speakers series.

Come hear Superintendent Donald Evans speak about BUSD policies for advanced learners at BALSA’s next meeting:

  • Monday, October 27, 7:00–9:00 pm
  • 2020 Bonar, Room 126 (directions here)
  • All are welcome!

Advanced Learners and BUSD: Finding the Way Forward Together

Join BALSA members, Superintendent Donald Evans, and Director of Programs and Special Projects Pat Saddler for a discussion of the “State of GATE” in our district. Topics will include the current BUSD rubric for GATE (“Gifted and Talented Education”) identification, strategies for challenging advanced learners in math and other academic areas, new proposals for district-sponsored enrichment, and plans for professional development in differentiation. Continue reading “BALSA Talk: Advanced Learners & BUSD” »

BALSA for Advanced Learner Advocacy

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BALSABALSA is a relatively new group working in close collaboration with BUSD Superintendent Donald Evans and Director of Special Projects and Programs Pat Saddler. Our focus is on supporting the social-emotional and academic needs of advanced learners (whether or not they have been formally GATE-identified), creating new opportunities for staff professional development around differentiation, building new opportunities for collaboration (especially with UC Berkeley), and reaching out to populations historically underrepresented in the world of gifted education.

This year, BALSA is sponsoring a free speaker series, Continue reading “BALSA for Advanced Learner Advocacy” »