Staff by Department (and Room)

A Note about Communication with Staff

staff poster with obamaEvery child will have a Thursday folder that will contain a school newsletter and other important information. The folder goes home on Thursdays and comes back to school on Fridays. If you want to talk to your child’s teacher, send them an email, leave a message in the office, or put a note in the Thursday folder. Some teachers don’t mind pop-ins, but please be aware that the before-school time is sacred for preparing for the day—each teacher will explain to parents their own policy on how best to get in touch.

All Berkeley Unified School District email addresses use the format


  • Principal: Beth Rhine (Main Office, Inner Office)
  • School Secretary: Deanna Woods (Main Office, Front Desk)

Classroom Teachers

See the Class List page for email list subscription links for the families of each classroom.

teachers in costumeKindergarten

  • Mary Lewis
  • Yagoit Ahmed

Kindergarten Aides

  • Heidi Ross
  • Deirdre Sproul

First Grade

  • Shay McGilvrey (Room 8)
  • Lency Olsen (Room 4)

Second Grade

  • Jaime Vines (Room 6)
  • Phanica Uk (Room 25)

Third Grade

  • Michael Della Penna (Room 28)
  • Laurie Nielson (Room 27)

Fourth Grade

  • Martin (Room 20)
  • Emma Holtzapple(Room 23)

Fifth Grade

  • Jackie Omania (Room 22)
  • Carla Inniss (Room 24)

Subject Area Educators


  • Physical Education (P.E.): Kelley Schwartz
  • Art: Anna Rainer (Room 2, roaming)
  • Music: Nancy Boyles, Roland Brown, Jan Davis, Aimee Lubalin, Carly Jacobs, Karen Wells (roaming)
  • Science for 4th & 5th Grade: Jennifer Bridgman (Room 2, M/T/Th)
  • Math Coach/Teacher: Ana Delgado (Library Office)
  • Gardening: Sarah Winer (Garden)


  • Librarian: Karen Sasamoto (Library)
  • Literacy Coach/Response to Intervention (RTI) Teacher: Amy Fry (Room 29)

Special Education

  • English Language Development (ELD) and Math Intervention: Dianne Snyder (Room 12)
  • Full Inclusion: Andrea Hosmer (Room 9)
  • Resource Specialist: Kelly Miura (Room 19)
  • Resource Specialist Program Instructional Aide (RSP IA): Valerie Wagner (roaming)
  • Special Education Instructional Aides: Ananda Richmond, Jody Rosenthal, Leo Siencienski, Brandon Luckey, Sylvia Robinson
  • Special Education IA Subs: Misook Lee, Kara Kersey

Other Departments

After School Program

  • Director: Aaron Grayson III (Room 14–Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Room)
  • Staff: Sequoia Dandridge, Lindsay Guinan, Tim Hewitt, Rayuan Lee, Jarrett Sanders (Room 14–Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Room)


  • School Psychologist: Ann Korchin (Room 21)
  • Speech: Vanessa Yee (Room 21, M/Th/F)
  • Counselor: Jenny Hays (Room 17)
  • Family Engagement Coordinator: Carolyn Perez (Room 17)
  • Physical Therapist: Sara Stutz (roaming)
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant: Kim Wurchen (roaming)

Support Services

  • Food Service: Cynthia Richardson (Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Room)
  • Lunchtime Supervisors: Lindsay Guinan, Tim Hewitt, Greg Williams
  • Lead Day Custodian: Rodney Hill
  • Evening Custodian: Mike Carlisle
  • Yard Duty: Lindsay Guinan, Tim Hewitt, Sam Johnson, Rayuan Lee, Greg Williams