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How to get the 411

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So your kid has finished his/her/their second week of school. Congrats! Have you signed up for the e-newsletter? For the email list? For the school directory? Been to the Oxford Facebook page?

Here’s how:

  1. Send an email to to join the email list. Principal Beth Rhine uses this list to email about all kinds of things like upcoming events, reminders, requests, and more, though anyone can post to the list.
  2. Sign up to receive the e-newsletter here. We send the e-newsletter every other week (usually). The print version also comes home with your child on Thursdays.
  3. Sign up for the school directory. Want to know how to call or email your child’s friends’ parents? The directory is how you will find their contact info. And how they find yours for that playdate your kid has been talking about.
  4. Like/follow Oxford on Facebook. Do you like to watch videos? Or see pictures of elementary school principals wearing Captain Underpants costumes? All of that and more is on the Oxford Facebook page.

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First Annual Oxford LGBTQI Picnic!

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love rainbowTo all LGBTQI parents and kids at Oxford:

Please join us on Saturday October 7 from 2 to 4 pm at Shorebird Park Playground for our first annual LGBTQI picnic. We will use this time to connect and strengthen our community at Oxford, and brainstorm some ideas for Pride and upcoming school year activities.

If anyone in your family (parents, kids, grandparents) identifies as LGBTQI or identifies as non-binary, please join us! No one will be turned away. Drinks will be provided. Please bring a snack to share.

An listserv has been created for discussion, event planning and connection. To subscribe, please email

See you there!

Oxford News: Back to School!

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Dear Oxford Community,

Oxford Otters!Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a nice summer break and is ready to start the 2017–18 school year. The teachers and staff have been busy at school, getting everything ready for the new year.

Last Saturday was the Annual Back to School Picnic. A big thanks to Kendra Dodsworth and Ramon Bridges, our new PTA Co-Presidents, for organizing the picnic. It was great to see everyone in a casual, low-key environment. Our Kindergarten Lemonade on 8/24 also went well; a big thanks to Carla Bryant and John Cohen (filling in for Nina Cohen) for organizing the event. Both events were well-attended, and it was great to see so many of you before school began. And we have new Oxford T-shirts with our new student-drawn Oxford Otter logo! T-shirts will be on sale at upcoming school events.

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School has started—Welcome!

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Welcome (back) everyone to Oxford. We are glad that you are here! Let’s learn some things this year, k?

SGC 2017 Survey Results (from 3/13 Coffee)

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In case you missed the “Coffee with the Principal” community discussion on March 13, 2017, click here to find a copy of the presentation about the 2017 survey.

After reading many of the comments from our SGC survey, it has become clear that many of our families desire a strong community at Oxford…us too!! We are here for you! We want and need you to come forward and let us hear your voice, ideas, concerns and simply get connected! While it is one focus of the PTA to fundraise for our school, it is equally important to encourage folks to come together for community building.

We heard from another parent yesterday that she was reaching out to her classroom to set up dates with other families to “break bread” together with a focus on families of which people didn’t know. This is a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing it and we hope other classrooms might take this on!

Let’s continue to make Oxford the best place possible by finding ways to stay positive, continue to love and embrace not only our children but our entire community!

Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta commemorative essay, poetry and poster contest

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Greetings Families,

Please encourage your 2nd to 5th grade children to participate in the annual Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta Commemorative essay, poetry and poster contest. The deadline for submission of entries is April 10th. Attached are flyers with more information.

2017 Chavez Huerta Commemoration Contest

2017 Chavez Huerta Commemoration Contest Spanish

Hotline: Immigration Rapid Response & Services

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The Alameda County Immigration Legal & Education Partnership (ACILEP) has implemented a rapid response network to provide information, verify ICE activities, and support individuals who have been detained.

Please share the information below to all who may need it.

ACILEP es una alianza de various organizaciones en el Condado de Alameda que ha implementado una red de respuesta rápida para proveer información, verificar las actividades de ICE y apoyar a individuos que han sido detenidos.

Por favor comparta la información abajo con todos los que lo necesiten.

Elementary School Students and the Sleep They Need

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Hello Oxford Community! Your school counselor here with some important info about sleep:  Did you know that the average school aged child needs 9-11 hours of sleep per night to promote healthy growth and development? Statistics show that 25% of school aged children are not getting enough sleep.  Sleep deprivation can be a contributor to many behavioral, mood, or learning issues.  Without adequate sleep our kids can struggle to learn and be alert throughout the school day, their physical and emotional growth can be effected, and they can become irritable or cranky.

Here are some quick tips to support healthy sleep habits:

  • Pick a bedtime and stick to it (Even on the weekends, as much as you can, kids thrive on consistency)
  • Limit the amount of sugar in the afternoons and after dinner and avoid caffeine throughout the day
  • Limit intake of liquids (water, juice, etc.) before bed
  • Try to avoid heavy or emotional conversations before bed
  • Make bedroom as dark as possible at night, using a nightlight only as needed
  • Keep a lower temperature in the room  (bodies sleep better at lower temperatures)
  • Use the bed only for sleeping (when kids use their bed as a play area, the bed becomes associated with play and not sleep, making it hard for a child to fall asleep once in their bed)
  • Make sure pajamas are comfortable and not too tight or too itchy
  • Start prepping for bed at least ½ an hour before bedtime
  • Keeping the lights in the house dim helps signal to the brain that it’s time for sleep
  • Turn off TVs and other screens
  • Choose a low key activity such as reading a book aloud to your child or having them read to you
  • Don’t allow Phones, computers, or tablets in the room overnight (you’d be surprised how many kids I talk to that use their phones in their rooms after bedtime without their parent’s knowledge – this is a huge issue for sleep). Many studies that show the light from screens before bed significantly interferes with quality of sleep

Sample Bedtime Routine

7:30 pm Turn off all screens (TV, phone, tablet, etc.)

Choose a calming activity such as coloring, puzzle, calming music or a bath

8:00 pm Dim lights throughout the house

Eat a light (sugar free and high protein snack)

Brush teeth

8:15 pm Get into bed, read or listen to a story
8:30 pm Lights out, Goodnight!

Having bedtime stress? If your child has significant trouble falling or staying asleep during the night after trying to stick to a routine, it can be helpful to consult with your pediatrician. There is also a lot of information about nurturing healthy sleep habits online.

Sweet dreams! –Miss Jenny

BUSD Survey

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This BUSD survey asks about school community, programs and district budgeting. It’s very useful information for our school. Paper copies were not sent home but are available in the office. You can get the survey link here: (ENGLISH)  (SPANISH)