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Grant Writer Needed for PTA

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The PTA Grant Committee needs a researcher and/or writer to help secure funding for performing arts opportunities at Oxford for the upcoming school year. If you can volunteer at home, online, we need you! .

Prevent the “Summer Slide”

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As summer approaches, we want to encourage the children to continue some academic work over the summer. According to a report released by the Rand Corporation in June 2011,

“Students can return to school in the fall at least a month behind, on average, where they were in the spring, but high-quality summer programs can help combat this summer learning loss.”

Below are articles from the KQED Blog “Mindshift” that provide some additional information and suggestions to prevent the “summer slide”:

Class Placement for 2014–2015

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Parents/guardians might be wondering about the process we use to assign students to classes for the upcoming school year. When we create classrooms, we create the appropriate number of balanced groups, depending upon the grade level. I work with the teachers to create balanced classrooms, and we do our best to provide the most appropriate learning experience for every child. We consider gender, ethnicity, academic skills, energy level, and parent involvement in creating balanced classrooms.

At Oxford, we support all our teachers and continue to move towards greater collaboration at each grade level. Although we believe each teacher has unique strengths to offer, all teachers at Oxford are highly-qualified. Staffing can also change throughout the summer and so we ask that parents/guardians do not request specific teachers.

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Beth Rhine, Principal

The Oxford News, 3.6.2014

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PDF edition:

3.6.2014 Oxford News

From the Principal:

At last week’s Community Meeting, the upcoming School Raffle and Spring Dance were announced to the students and families in attendance. The Dance is on Friday, March 21st. Hope to see you all there. And please sell those tickets! There are a lot of great prizes available.

Another upcoming event is the first School Auction (off-site and adults only) on Friday, April 18th. We want everyone to know they are wanted and welcome to attend. Berkeley schools pull students from all over the city, which helps to create a unique and rich community. I am hoping our Auction will also represent our diverse school community. Please consider talking to a parent in your child’s classroom and encouraging him/her to attend the auction. Sometimes that personal invitation helps people to feel welcome.

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